Pray For Rosie


Update – 4/29

The first of two appointments today began with Rosie's neuro surgeon. He adjusted her shunt and removed all her staples from last weeks surgery. We will have an appointment with him in about a month to get a new CT scan and discuss any possible changes or observations. Any benefit Rosie might receive from the adjustments to the shunt today should become evident over the next few days. In the afternoon we consulted a foot specialist who may do minor surgery on Rosie's heals. This surgery should allow her feet  to move and contract normally for  future recovery and current therapy. Rosie will have a day trial of baclofen medicine tomorrow to see if she is a good candidate for the baclofen pump; a small device surgically implanted to help her arms and to some degree her legs and feet with tightness. Rosie is still smiling with me, when she's not too tired, and also when there is laughter around. Emily is doing great and has been spending time on a new swing with her 8 month old cousin, Brooke.

We were very blessed to find the perfect wheelchair accessible van at an incredible price from some really great people over the weekend. This will be a tremendous help for future appointments and when we travel as a family.

On behalf of Rosie and Emily I thank all of you deeply for your continued prayer and support.

God bless..........

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