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Update – 4/7

Rosie had a scheduled appointment today at 11 AM for her surgery, however at the last moment the doctor received results from blood tests preventing her from getting the surgery today. Rosie is on blood thinners for blood clots in her right arm. They stopped administering the medication, however they did not stop them with enough time for her blood to balance. This morning her blood saturation was still too thin for surgery, unbalanced blood saturation could result in hemorrhaging. Rosie has been rescheduled for Tuesday the 13th.

Hope to see and meet many of you this weekend, God bless........

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Update – 4/3

 Rosie is planned to have her surgery this Tuesday, our hope is that it will grant her greater opportunity for improvements. She should spend 3 days at Memorial Hermann Professional Building to recover and then be sent back to TIRR.

 We are greatly encouraged and blessed by Team Rosa and all those volunteering for Rosie's benefit. It's hard to believe that it is only one week away.

 I was asked this week why Christians call Friday "Good Friday", considering what happened. I explained to them the chasm between our wretchedness and God's holiness. God's requirements verses our inadequacies. How the law was like a mirror, all it was purposed to do was to reveal iniquity not repair it. That the blood of bulls and goats no longer satisfied God, but a perfect sacrifice was required because with out the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin. How at the right time on God’s canvas of history He sent His son, yes even His only son to atone for the sin which plagues all creation. That if you believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and confess with your mouth that God raised him from the dead, you too can be saved. Friday was “good” from our vantage point, but the punishment and death due you and I was placed on the innocent, God took Him who knew no sin and made him sin on our behalf that we might become the righteousness of God. That Friday fulfilled countless prophecies proving the deity of Christ. Friday was “good” because it was the beginning of something better, an empty tomb. We do not worship a baby in a manger or a buried messiah; we worship the Almighty risen Savior. However it is good to reflect on the journey Christ took to Calvary, in fact it is necessary to ponder the cross often for when we do we see how wide and deep and vast the love of God truly is and in that we realize how the struggles of this life pales in comparison to the hope we have. Friday was “good” because of the work that was accomplished; man became excommunicated in Eden but invited at Calvary. The blessings and riches found in Christ are far too great to expound on here, but the greatest of these is the hope of the resurrection. It is because of His resurrection, that although we grieve often at the challenges and various trials in life, we do not grieve as those who are with out hope. We know this life is but a mist compared to eternity and one day all those who are saved in Christ the Lord will be raised in glory. Friday was indeed good, but Sunday was better……

 We hope that all of you have an enjoyable Easter and that your passion for Christ be extended far beyond this week as you celebrate resurrection Sunday with reverence and thanksgiving.

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Update – 3/29

Just a quick update on our stay here at TIRR........We are already on our fourth week of rehab and Rosie is continuing to do therapy 4 times a day. Rosie is projected to be re evaluated in three weeks and pending progress they will either send Rosie home or prolong her stay. After obtaining Rosie's CT scan from the LTAC Facility and comparing them to her newer one, the doctor discovered more swelling in her brain. We have since consulted a top neurologist here in the Medical Center and have decided to have a brain surgery and put into place a permanent shunt to alleviate current and future swelling. As far as brain surgery goes it is a relatively simple and common procedure. She will then spend 3 days at Hermann Memorial and resume therapy here at TIRR, a day for the procedure has yet to be set. I have had the chance to take Rosie outside last week and take in some of the sunny weather which I hoped she enjoyed. She has also been breathing on her own and should have her trach switched to the smallest one available in the coming days. Rosie has been having her arms and feet casted to help with the spasticity for range of motion and future improvements. We have not yet been able to establish any form of communication with Rosie, but remain optimistic. She is looking so good and seems to be improving each day.

Emily is doing well and has her mama's smile, I should be posting some new pictures soon.

With sincere hearts we thank all of you for continued support and prayer.......God Bless.


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Update – 3/21

Rosie has been at TIRR almost 2 weeks now. She has been going through extensive therapy to help her to normal functions. Rosie had a tendency to curl her right arm and hand inward, so she was given a cast to correct it. This past week, her speech therapist asked her to bend her finger and then extend it, which Rosie did correctly.

Rosie had another CT scan last week, the first since she was at Triumph. Once doctors receive her previous scans from Triumph, they will evaluate the changes between her previous scans and this newest one. She is now breathing regular air instead of oxygen, and efforts will then likely focus on reducing the size of and eventually removing her trach tube.

Tony has been told that she will be kept at TIRR for about 4-6 weeks, leaving 2-4 weeks remaining. Afterwards, she will be released and evaluated again 6 months later. Please continue to pray for Rosie's recovery. She's making baby steps each week, and we thank God for what He's done.

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Update – 3/10

Today was Rosie's second full day at TIRR Memorial Hermann at the Medical Center. She was moved to the 4th floor and is now in room 401. She had physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. This will occur almost daily throughout the week. Her new team of doctors have met with Tony and developed a game plan for how to treat Rosie. When I got there tonight, it appeared to Tony and I that she is now attempting to focus on objects. If I was right next to her bed near her head, she would look straight at me and follow as I moved left or right. We aren't sure if she really is following or if it was coincidence, but we are hopeful.

For Rosie's benefit, we are selling presale tickets a couple different ways. The first and easiest is to purchase them online. If you've ever bought tickets online for a concert or other event, it works very much the same way. After paying with PayPal, you'll get them in your email to print out and bring the day of the benefit. We also have a few areas in Needville, Rosenberg and Sugar Land that will be selling tickets and I will attempt to compile a list tomorrow. If you are coming to the event, please buy your tickets as quickly as possible so that we get an accurate count of how many people are coming.

I've also been asked about silent auction donations. If you have something to donate to the silent auction, click here or use the silent auction donations link on the left to email us about what you'd like to donate and someone will get back to you quickly.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!


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