Pray For Rosie


Update – 5/29

Today Rosie's mom, my mom, and I are all training in the specific care for Rosie. This training includes feedings, diet, medications, and daily hygiene. Spending everyday with Rosie has seemingly prepared us for such care. Last Thursday Rosie had the tendons in her legs lengthened so that her feet will be able to freely move as normal. This was the final surgery Rosie needed before coming home and she will have casts for the next 4 to 5 weeks on her feet. Tuesday I will meet with vendors and therapists to select a proper wheel chair and hospital bed for Rosie's continued need and comfort. We are making all the final preparations at home for Rosie's arrival on Friday June 4th. Yesterday Rosie stood up for the first time in 4 and a half months, with complete assistance and only for a minute. Rosie is scheduled to have her trach for the next 6 weeks. Her baclofen pump is adjusted daily to find the right dose of medicine for maximum potential and comfort. After thorough examination Rosie's eye doctors have determined that due to the extent of brain damage incurred she is unable to see even though her eyes appear healthy. There is hope that as her brain heals with time, her vision may be restored.

Emily is continually loved and gorgeous. We will all be grateful when we have our family under one roof for the first time. Thank all of you for your continued prayer.

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Update – 5/12

Today Rosie had a scheduled surgery at 7:30 am for her baclofen pump; approximately 10:45 the doctor informed us everything went great. Rosie has one more planned surgery before her expected and much anticipated discharge on June 4. We have been making all the appropriate preparations for her lovely return HOME.

We are continually blessed and strengthened in the Lord, we are encouraged and loved through all of your collective thoughts, words, and prayers, though we may have been a small part of your lives you all have become a big part of ours.

God bless......

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Benefit & Donation Report

Throughout the last few months, we have tried to keep you updated on Rosie's condition as well as provide opportunities to give, volunteer or post words of comfort for the family. We have received a report of what was raised at the benefit at the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds a few weeks ago, and I wanted to take a moment to show what God has done through so many people for this family.

Here's a brief summary of what was brought in at the benefit:


  • Ticket Sales - $11,395.66
  • Silent Auction - $8,817
  • Bake Sale - $1,125
  • Soft Drink Sale - $252
  • Other Donations During Event - $2,683.48

After expenses for the benefit, we were able to put $23,516.54 away to give to Tony, Rosa and Emily. We also had other sales such as pictures inside trucks and pins that received about $2,099. Additionally, many of you have given through this website. To date, we've collected approximately $3,200 through the donate link on the left. In total, more than $28,815.54 has been raised for the Bratton family!

We thank God for the generosity and kindness that has been shown to this family through everything that has happened over the last few months.

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