Pray For Rosie


Update – 7/6

Well Rosie has been home under our care for a month now, I can't believe it; this whole experience is too surreal to grasp. I know I do not bear this travesty alone as Rosie meant so much to so many. Rosie is doing well and has been continuing her therapies at home with a weekly visit from a RN and a twice a week visit from a physical therapist. We are now just waiting for Rosie to heal mentally, she still wakes every morning with a beautiful smile which helps the waiting. I thank all of you for all you have done, tragedies occur every hour to people without such suppot and love, but God did not choose to allow us to experience this in that manner and because of your collective generosity we lack nothing.

Emily will be 6 months old on the 20th, she is such a good baby, she doesn't cry unless she is hungry or needs a change, she smiles all day, and is just so beautiful.

Always grateful Tony

God Bless

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