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Up date – 4/17/11

Last Sunday I spoke for an hour on the phone with Dr. Paul Harch. We have come to the agreement that for now we will visit his offices in Mariscola, Louisianna (roughly 7 hours away and roughly 8 miles from New Orleans) on May 3 to May 5. On May 3 we will have an in depth consultation with Dr. Harch. On the 4th, that Wed. we will get a SPECT scan and then on the 5th, that Thurs. we will have one hour of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and then get one more SPECT scan. The goal will be to compare the two scans to determine wether or not the HBOT has proven to be effective for my wife. It may take a week for the concrete results to come in so we will be heading home that Friday. If the results are encouraging based on last weeks conversation Dr. Harch has recommended we lease a portable HBO chamber for a few months to monitor any improvements and get updated ct and eeg scans. The proposition of leasing as opposed to receiving therapy from his clinic is mainly due to cost, my wife may need 300 to 500 hours of therapy before the slightest improvements occur if any, but progress may come quicker as well. The cost of 1 hour of therapy is around 220 dollars and she may only be able to do 1 hour a day up to 5 a week, none the less the commercial steel chambers are turned down to the portable chambers atmospheric pressure so it will have the same result either way.

I just want to continue to thank those of you who are still concerned for my wife's wellbeing, she is still so very amazing. Emily is so gorgeous and playful and God remains good.

God Bless


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