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Update – 2/23

My apologies for the late post. I just got back from the hospital and I have quite a bit of good news to share. When I arrived at the hospital around 5:00 this evening, Rosie's eyes were open. They would stay open pretty regularly and close every so often. Tony told me that she had been keeping her eyes open all day. When Tony would turn on the main light in the room, Rosie closed her eyes and flinched at the brightness.

Also, the infectious disease doctor came by and said that yesterday's x-ray showed no signs of pneumonia (she had previously had it), and Rosie's staph infection has cleared up.

As with yesterday, Rosie was again off the ventilator during the day and will be placed back on overnight.

I also wanted to share with everyone something that Rosie's friend Christy started. For every donation of $5 or more, we can send a ribbon pin to the address you give us. Simply use the donate link to the left and tell us in the comments of the donation that you would like a pin and let us know if there is a different shipping address. At the end of the week, we will send out pins for the requests we get for that week.

Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers and support for Rosie and her family.

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  1. Rosie & Tony… we love you. We’re thinking about you and praying for you today. Just wanted you to know that. – Brian

  2. Rosie,
    I love you and I know you are getting better every day, Know that we are all here for you and your family. Also know that you are in our thought and prayers continuously throughout the day. I love you and can’t wait to hear your voice again!!

    Jackie H.

  3. so excited to hear the great news….sure seems like she’s coming around. Love you and continue to pray daily. Polly and Eric

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