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Update – 3/21

Rosie has been at TIRR almost 2 weeks now. She has been going through extensive therapy to help her to normal functions. Rosie had a tendency to curl her right arm and hand inward, so she was given a cast to correct it. This past week, her speech therapist asked her to bend her finger and then extend it, which Rosie did correctly.

Rosie had another CT scan last week, the first since she was at Triumph. Once doctors receive her previous scans from Triumph, they will evaluate the changes between her previous scans and this newest one. She is now breathing regular air instead of oxygen, and efforts will then likely focus on reducing the size of and eventually removing her trach tube.

Tony has been told that she will be kept at TIRR for about 4-6 weeks, leaving 2-4 weeks remaining. Afterwards, she will be released and evaluated again 6 months later. Please continue to pray for Rosie's recovery. She's making baby steps each week, and we thank God for what He's done.

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  1. Baby steps count!!! I lift Rosie up daily, as I know so many do. I know in my heart that God hears all of our prayers and that He will honor them in His perfect way and in His perfect timing. We serve an amazing God who can do all things. Never give up hope!!!

  2. WOW!!!!!! I’m so lost for words. I know GOD has all the POWER to give Rosie back her LIFE… And look at how far she’s come. I’m crying tears of joy to know she’s doing better now. Thank you so much for making this website and keeping us updated.. GOD IS THE BEST ENERGY SOURCE MONEY CAN’T BUY

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