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Update – 4/21

I finally had the opportunity to speak with Rosie's doctor today about where we go from here. There are a few possible options we may pursue that are all contingent on the other. First Rosie will get a CT scan this week to see if the shunt is working properly or if it needs to be re-calibrated so that it will work properly. Most patients who receive a shunt have immediate results; unfortunately I have not noticed any changes in Rosie. Rosie will receive botox shots in her arms to help with the spasticity, possibly a baclofen pump in her spine to help with the spasticity in her feet, and/or surgery to her achilles tendon to loosen the contraction in case the baclofen medicine doesn't work. There will be a day trial of the baclofen medicine before a surgery is ordered for a pump just to make sure the medication works and she doesn't have any adverse reaction to it. Rosie should have her trach changed this week as well as have a few medications changed to see if she reacts better during her daily therapies.

I have noticed that Rosie will smirk at certain things I do and even slightly smile, although we are still uncertain whether or not Rosie can see or what all she understands. I believe she gets better day by day, but only time will tell. Injuries such as Rosie's require undetermined amounts of time for the brain to mysteriously and incredibly find a way to restore itself. Rosie is scheduled to finally come home on May 15th, however that day may change based on the paths we choose from the before mentioned surgeries.

Emily is doing well, she finally turned all the way over from her back to her stomach all by herself. I have had ample help from family making sure she is well taken care of and extremely loved upon. Thank all of you for continued thoughts and prayer........God Bless


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  1. Thank you so much for the upate Tony. We’re always thinking about you and we’ll keep praying for you. We love you guys so much.

    A friend of mine recently pointed out that God likes to do things in a way… that really allows Him to showoff. I would be so happy, and it’s my prayer… that God does something so special in Rosie’s life, and in the lives of your family… that the medical world has to just stand back in amazement… I hope God chooses to just showoff in the way that He chooses to heal Rosie. Wouldn’t that be awesome? WOW!

    Please let me know if I can do anything for you… okay? Sincerely. You’re in our prayers. Feel free to call me anytime… anytime at all.

    Loving and Praying,

  2. We are still praying in Columbus, Ohio!

  3. Tony,
    I have been thinking and praying about you and Rosie so much! I am begging for God to give Rosie a complete healing and quickly! I know that He loves us. It’s so hard for us to see sometimes through these trials. You have remained so faithful! May God bless you and hear our prayers. We love you and Rosie and Emily and want so much to see you together again! Keep praying on Earth as it is in Heaven. Rosie is healed in Heaven and it should be the same on Earth.

    in Christ’s love,
    Ashley Kesner

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