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Update – 4/22

Today Rosie had a CT scan performed and the neurologist discovered that the swollen ventricles in her brain are about the same size as they were prior to her shunt surgery. This is a good thing because that means we truly haven't seen whether or not the shunt will improve any of her faculties. Her neurologist will set a date next week to re caliberate the shunt to allow the fluid to drip quicker through her system.

Her therapist are in agreement that she seems to be tracking by sound better than before. Rosie has also had her trach changed which seems to bring her more comfort......

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  1. Hi Tony,

    We continue to pray for complete healing. Thank you so much for the updates. We pray that God continue to guide the doctors and you as you work on Rosie’s progress. We love you all so much!

    The Lucas Family

  2. Tony, my family lifts yours up daily, ever hopeful, always expecting God to move in His own perfect timing. I’m glad to hear that Rosie is tracking sound. That’s a good sign. Please tell her we love her and miss her very much! Amy

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