Pray For Rosie


Update – 5/12

Today Rosie had a scheduled surgery at 7:30 am for her baclofen pump; approximately 10:45 the doctor informed us everything went great. Rosie has one more planned surgery before her expected and much anticipated discharge on June 4. We have been making all the appropriate preparations for her lovely return HOME.

We are continually blessed and strengthened in the Lord, we are encouraged and loved through all of your collective thoughts, words, and prayers, though we may have been a small part of your lives you all have become a big part of ours.

God bless......

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  1. Thank you so much for the update. I was just thinking about you guys today… we love you all… and we miss Rosie so much! Thank you for the update.


  2. dear rosie,me and my mom really have been looking forward to coming to the hospital. but it turns out that we’re too busy.but don’t worry we’re still praying for you at home.

  3. We continue to lift you all up daily to our Lord and Savior. May He continue to heal Rosie in His perfect timing according to His perfect plan. –The Youngs

  4. How is Ms. Rosie doing? I pray for her and her family often. I thank you all so much for your courage and strength in your faith and belief in God. I know he will provide many miracles for you and yours. May you all stay in the hands of the good Lord always.

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