Pray For Rosie


Update – 2/21

Rosie continues to show progress. Last night, Tony and Maria on separate occasions got Rosie to open both eyes fully for a few seconds. This is something we haven't really seen since she first arrived at Methodist Sugar Land. Today, a nurse went to check on Rosie. He put his hand in hers, asked her to squeeze, and she did. He told her "ok, you can let go now," and she did so as well. I remarked how just two weeks ago, we were excited over the fact she was moving her hands and now it appears she sometimes does that on command as well.

According to one of the doctors, her ventilator test will possibly be today. Last time she was given the test and they turned off the ventilator, she began breathing too fast which caused her heart rate to go up. Please pray that her progress would continue and for Tony's strength as well. We thank God for all that He's done this far.

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  1. This is such good news. Continuing to lift rosie, tony and emily up in prayer. Thanks for the updates.

  2. Wow… this is SO SO SO encouraging to hear tonight. Kitty and I have been thinking about Rosie all weekend. Sadly… AT&T auto-erased the last message Rosie left on Kitty’s cell phone before going into delivery. We wept and wept over this… it was like we lost a part of Rosie.

    But this news is just wonderful. We love you guys. Please continue to keep us updated. Nothing but love…

    Brian and Kitty Webb

  3. WOW!! That is awesome!! God is so good and his timing is perfect. I will continue to lift Rosie up in prayer. She is always on my mind.

    Ashley Kesner

  4. That is so GREAT!!! I am so glad to see that all the prayers are paying off and she is showing progress.. I will continue to pray for Rosie and her family!

  5. Every time I think of you all, I stop and pray. I know there is a miracle around the corner. We love you and will continue to pray. I was so excited to read about her progress. Everyday I update my co-workers who also have been praying for Rosie.


    Sharla Walker & Family

  6. Such encouraging news to hear. We are continuing to pray for Rosie and her family here in Michigan.

  7. Tony & Rosie, you don’t know me but I know Rosie’s dad (Dario). He is a contractor for the company i work for. God is good & he will see you through this storm. Unfortunately HE doesn’t work on our time but HE’s always right on time. I pray that every need is met for your family and that Rosie’s health continues to progress.

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