Pray For Rosie

Rosie’s Story

Tony and Rosie were high school sweethearts, who after attending college decided on 7-07-2007 to seal their love through holy matrimony. After a couple of years of just enjoying each other, working, and faithfully serving at their church, they discovered in spring of 2009 that they would be having an incredible addition to their family.

Finally on January 20, 2010 they got ready to celebrate happily ever after...or so they thought. Rosie was induced at 5:00 am and received her epidural at 12 noon, but after 12 hours of little to no dilation, the doctor scheduled a C section. Everything went well and Emily came into this world a healthy baby girl.

However, as Rosie was being wheeled into to recovery, she began to seize on the bed. She immediately went into cardiac arrest and chest compressions were quickly administered. Unfortunately, the blood that began to flow through her body carried an insufficient amount of oxygen (ABI), even though the brain is only 3% of the body's weight, it occupies 25% of the body's oxygen. The doctor immediately informed Tony that Rosie had went into cardiac arrest, and they went into code to try and bring Rosie to a stable condition. After nearly 5 hours of intense efforts from many specialists, 7 liters of fluid, and 4 quarts of blood Rosie was sent to ICU in an unstable condition.

After the neurologist's evaluation the next day, he had Rosie life-flighted to Methodist in Sugar Land, TX. Rosie arrived with an incredible heart rate of 155 and was seizing. The neurosurgeon immediately had an ICP monitor inserted to identify the amount of brain swelling she was experiencing. After 28 days in ICU, a drip for spinal fluid, medication for blood clots, fevers, a medically induced coma, paralyzation, seizures, fluid, grim EEG reports, saddening CT scans, a feeding tube and breathing tube, she began to improve and was sent to Triumph Hospital Southwest; a long term acute care facility.

Rosie, at age 24, suffered from a rare medical condition known as amniotic fluid embolism (AFE). This condition only effects about 1 in 30,000 to 80,000 pregnancies. Some of the baby's amniotic fluid gets absorbed into the mother's bloodstream and has the potential to become lodged in the brain, lungs, or heart. The amniotic fluid embolism was responsible for Rosie's first cardiac arrest. She had another cardiac arrest about an hour after the first. The damage that was caused was anoxia/hypoxia which means that although Rosie was receiving blood flow to the brain, the blood had an inadequate amount of oxygen. This continued for an estimated 28 minutes. CT scans revealed that Rosie suffered a full frontal bilateral stroke, her EEG displayed minimal activity and a nuclear cerebral blood flow exam informed us that Rosie was receiving minimal blood flow to the brain. Her neurosurgeon and neurologist have given her a next to nothing chance of any type of recovery.

Tony, at age 25, has been dealing with the grueling task of making all of the decisions for his beautiful bride. However, with the support of friends, family, church family, and his Faith in the Lord, he is being strong for Rosie's recovery and his precious little girl, Emily Grace Bratton. Emily is doing very well and is being taken care of by Rosie's family and Tony.

We serve an Almighty and All powerful God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever fathom. God could have claimed the life of his daughter, Rosie, but we believe God has saved her for a powerful purpose.

Join with us in prayer that God may receive ample everlasting praise for the restoration of Rosie Bratton and God Bless.